Premier Pressure Cookers

Saving up to 70% cooking time as well as preserving precious vitamins, proteins, and nutrients, a pressure cooker is an integral component of any kitchen. Many consider a pressure cooker to be one of the most useful cookware items in a cook’s toolbox. DTNJ offers a complete range of models to suit a variety of needs and budgets. The Premier range is durable, yet light-weight, and features safety systems that will ensure complete confidence in the kitchen. Some of the best foods you can make in a Premier Pressure Cooker are meats, roasts, fish, beans, rice, and vegetables using a variety of techniques such as sauteing, roasting, frying, and stewing. Pressure Cooker sizes range from 1.5 litres for the home kitchen to up to 27 litres for commercial kitchens. The Pressure Cooker range is available in  Aluminium,  Hard Anodized, and  Stainless Steel.

Increasing its versatility in the kitchen, DTNJ offers pressure cookers in three distinct pot shapes: the Standard, Handi, and the Pressure Pan. Each of the sizes and shapes offers unique advantages to meet the requirements of a variety of cooking techniques and serving needs. Pressure pans are ideal for cooking small quantities. Used without the pressure lid, these cookers can serve as a standard pot for any cooking need. Using a pressure cooker also reduces clean-up time at the end of a meal.

Premier Aluminium Pressure Pan from $41.99
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Premier Hard Anodized Pressure Pan from $47.99
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Premier Stainless Steel Pressure Pan from $53.99
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