Xpress Mixie - Diamond

Quality and Service:

Premier, a name synonymous with quality, has always brought you the best that matches international standards with a passion. Being the pioneer in quality products, it ensures that excellence is inherent in every component of the product and every process of service. Its goal is to make you experience the excellence in delivering convenient consumer-centric products and services.

Reliability and Durability:

Premier’s wide range of mixers is known for its reliability and durability. It strives to make its products innovative, good looking and unbeatable and backs it up with the most efficient service support that adds so much more to your convenience. In clear-cut it ensures trouble-free performance for years.

Safety and Speed:

Xpress mixer is a new age mixer designed with the supreme quality of workmanship and technical expertise to provide faster and finer grinding experience. It comes to you in a perfect mix of cutting-edge technology and innovation that ends in unlimited utility. Premier’s Xpress mixers are made of high-grade ABS material and their jars from superior quality stainless and are fitted with a powerful 650W motor for safe and smooth non-stop performance.

Design and Performance:

Premier’s greatest strength is its well qualified and technically experienced team of design engineers. With them, it is no surprise that Premier is able to design ever performing and aesthetically pleasing products so that it is made to meet yet another revolution.


Model: Xpress Mixer Diamond –KM-504

Operating Voltage: 110 volts 60 Hertz

Power: 650Watts (0.9 HP) with overload protector no load RPM at 3rd speed 18000(approx.)

Motor: Universal, 650 Watts

Speed Control: 3 Speed with Incher

The material of Basic Unit: First Quality ABS Plastic

The material of Jars: Stainless Steel

The material of Blades: Stainless Steel

Rating: 30 minutes


The following Premier Xpress Mixie parts are available for purchase online:

Premier Xpress large jar with lid

Premier Xpress medium jar with lid

Premier Xpress small jar with lid

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