Commercial Idli maker


Commercial Idli maker or Idli steamer

Commercial Aluminium Idli Steamer is ideal for Restaurant kitchen, Outdoor Catering, Grocery shops and Caterers. Just pour water, heat Aluminum Box on stove and have instant steam for cooking fresh steaming Idli's.

54 Idli Steamer is made of heavy duty Aluminum and comes with 6 Aluminum Idli Trays. Each tray can make 9 pieces of Idlies. 108 Idli Steamer comes 12 Aluminum Idli Trays with 9 idlies from each plate.

Please note the idli molds come with holes for airflow during the steaming process. .Please use a cloth on the trays to cover the idli molds and then pour the idli batter.

How to use this idli maker?

Set the idli steamer on the stove, Pour Idli batter in a tray and insert trays, pour water in the aluminum box and heat up the steamer on the stove.

Place the stack carefully into the Idli maker and make sure that the lowest plate is not submerged under water. Please note if there is too much water in the idli maker,the idlies will not cook properly.

Warning: Please take extreme precaution and stand sideways when opening the door of this steamer due to the building of hot steam when cooking idli.

Note: This is a stove top steamer and does not use electricity.


 54 Idlis  : 12.75 Length x 12.5 x 15.75 Height inches approx(does not include handles)

108 Idlis :13 Length x 13 Width x 28 Height inches approx (does not include handles)

 Idli tray:12 Length x 11.75 Width inches approx

 Idli mold: 3.25 Length x 3.25 Width  x .75 Depth approx 

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