Premier Coffee and Spice Grinder - 350W white color

Premier Spice Mixer Grinder

  • The stylish Premier 2-in-1 Coffee & Spice Grinder 350W (110V) with 500 ml capacity can be used for both wet & dry grinding. This all-purpose grinder is a must-have for any kitchen. Designed for use in USA and Canada.
  • Lockable Safety Lid with On/Off Switch built into the lid makes grinder operable only when the top cover is safely in place.
  • Removable polished Stainless Steel cup with Stainless Steel blades for coffee beans, spices, garlic, ginger, chilies, and vegetables. The unit’s robust motor and blades are powerful enough to grind even the toughest ingredients such as dried turmeric root.
  • Grinds coffee beans up to 60g at a time for an approximate yield of 12 coffee servings. Perfect for any kind of brewing: 8 seconds for French Press, 10 seconds for Mocha, or up to 20 seconds for finely powdered espresso.
  • Non-slip rubber feet ensure stability; compact size for easy storage.
  •  6 months warranty.

Product Description

The Premier Kitchen Machines are products of advanced engineering, incorporating all the major state-of-art features of contemporary kitchen appliances. This machine features a 350W motor making it far more powerful than other machines in its class. The appliance is designed to take on any tough grinding needs in any home kitchen. It can handle soft ingredients for chutneys and hard and dry ingredients such as turmeric root with ease.
The 500 ml Jar Capacity Small is designed for coffee grinding, and for making dry masalas and chutneys. The jar comes with a Lockable Safety Lid with On/Off Switch built into the lid. The Premier Spice Grinder is secured with rubber feet to ensure a firm grip during usage.
Jars are easily removable and washable to minimize cross-contamination of ingredients. Please note that
jars are not dishwasher safe. Please do not leave the jars soaking in any liquid. Instead, wash and dry immediately after use.
This Premier Grinder has undergone extensive field trials and comes with a one-year warranty.
When the machine is brand new, you may detect a new-motor smell. This should dissipate with the first few uses. This will in no way, impact the food being made.

Materials Used - Basic Unit: ABS Plastic
Jars: Stainless Steel
Lid: High-quality clear Polycarbonate
Blades: Stainless Steel.
Up to 30 seconds of continuous use.

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