Premier Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Separator Kit

Premier Aluminium Pressure cooker 5.5L, 7.5L, 10L & 12L

  • The Premier Aluminum Standard Pressure Cooker is manufactured using the highest quality, pure aluminum providing years of reliable service. It is electric and gas stove compatible.
  • Premier Pressure cookers not only offer the most nutritious way of cooking but can also reduce cooking time by up to 70%, thus giving you the freedom to spend more time with family and friends.
  • Premier Pressure cookers are light-weight and simple to operate due to an easy “open and close” lid design. Ergonomic, heat-resistant handles provide a sturdy grip and natural way to use the appliance.
  • Premier Pressure cookers provide confidence and peace of mind due to 3 different safety features. Unit comes with an extra Gasket & Safety Valve (valued at $10.00) for free.
  • Premier Pressure Cookers are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed, and CE and ISI Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI) certified.

Product Description

Premier Aluminum Pressure Cooker is the heart of any kitchen for its timeless durability, time-saving features, and ability to create nutritious foods. Manufactured from the finest quality Aluminum, the pot allows for ease of mixing and stirring while cooking and serving. This pressure cooker offers the healthiest mode of cooking and features multiple Safety Systems. The thick flat base allows for cooking on both electric and gas stoves while retaining and distributing heat evenly without risk of scorching. Air-tight secured and easy-to-lock lid. Ergonomic heat-resistant handle. Dishwasher-friendly. Easy to operate and maintain. Premier Aluminum Standard Pressure Cooker is available in different sizes: 

  • Outer Lid: 2.0L/3.0L/5.5L/7.5L/10.0L/12.0L/22.0L/27.0L
  • Inner Lid: 3.0L/5.0L/6.5L

Unit comes with an extra Gasket & Safety Valve (valued at $10.00) for free. 

Warranty: 5 years on Premier Pressure Cooker and 1 year on Handles.
Spare parts are kept in stock and generally ship within 24 hours.Please note the warranty does not cover the wear and tear of the product on usage.


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