Aluminium Milk Boiler

Aluminium Milk Boiler

  • $18.00

  1. High quality Premier Aluminum Milk Boiler
  2. Gently and slowly warm milk to its boiling temperature, retaining nutritious flavor.
  3. The double walled boiler with an annular gap for water in a compact space saving design
  4. The convenient whistle lets you know when the milk begins to boil
  5. Helps you make fresh un-scaled Yogurt

Product Description:

Boiling Milk in a milk boiler is a safe and effective way to preserve valuable nutrients and flavor. The double boiler design slowly and gently warms milk to its boiling temperature. Eliminates excessive heat, which can result in scorched flavor and formation of protein layer. Whistle in the boiler gently intimates you that the boiling process has begun.


Add water to the milk boiler by unscrewing the whistle and pouring water inside the boiler. Do not overfill the boiler, overfill will result in water spilling out of the whistle during boiling. Install the whistle by screwing the whistle. Keep the boiler on a stove and pour milk in it. Do not heat the boiler without any milk or water. Water is heated first and then the heat is transferred from the water to the milk. The double boiler design limits the overflow of milk. The milk is heated slowly and thoroughly without the risk of burning. Boiler is made from high quality Aluminum and comes with Bakelite handles. This boiler is not dish washer safe. Discoloration of the inside vessel may happen depending on water hardness after 1st use.