Premier Mini Idli Stainless Steel Stand 4 Racks

The Premier mini Idli Stand with 4 racks is manufactured using the highest quality, pure stainless steel providing years of reliable service.Sold under the brand name Netraa owned by Premier brand 


  • This idli stand has four round tiers, each plate makes total 72 Idlies.
  • Each tier has 18 concave depressions where the idli batter is poured.
  • The trays are stacked and secured through a center rod with sturdy heat-resistant handle securely anchors racks.
  • Extra wide base allows for easy stacking without spills. Central rod with sturdy heat-resistant handle securely anchors racks.
  • Easy-to-wash stainless steel base, trays, and rod.
  • The stands are Dishwasher safe.
  • To make authentic mini idlis, a idli maker and mini idli stands are needed.
    Please use a idli cooker with proper upward steam vent or a pressure cooker without the weight to steam idlies using this racks.Do not use any other container to steam idlies using this racks.

Directions for use

To make the mini idli easier to release from the trays, grease the depressions before pouring the batter.
When stacking the trays, make sure that the steam holes are alternated for even distribution of the steam.
The water level in the steamer is key to correct cooking of the idli. When filling pot, water should never reach the level of the lower rack or it can overflow onto the tray. Pot should never be used without water.
Medium to low heat is recommended.
Cooking time is roughly 12-15 minutes.
Once cooked, carefully remove the mini idli stand from pot and allow to cool before handling.

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