Premier Stainless Steel Three Compartment Separator Kit

Pressure Cooker Separator Kit is made of stainless steel and comes with a stand/lifter for easy handling. The three compartments (or containers) offer multiple cooking of food at the same time. For instance, rice, lentils and vegetables can be cooked at one shot.

Kit Includes:Stand/Lifter made of stainless steel

Key Features

  • Carries 3 containers
  • Suitable for Premier 5 L & 5.5 L Outer Lid Pressure Cookers or a similar sized outer lid cooker

Size (Diameter x Height): 7.75” x 5.75” (excluding the stand/lifter)

Material:Stainless Steel

Other Available Size: Pressure Cooker Separator Kit with 2 compartments

Colour: Silver

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