Expresso Oil Dispenser - 350ml

  • The Expresso Oil Dispenser is ideal for keeping cooking oil at hand both during preparation and serving. The 350ml size enables ease of use and occupies little shelf-space.
  • The light and easy-to-clean Stainless Steel body is also dishwasher safe.
  • The high-grade Stainless Steel protects the oil from sunlight diminishing oxidation while maintaining the organoleptic profile of the oil for a longer shelf-life.
  • The transparent spout is essential for easy-dosing. The Stainless Steel Cap helps prevent accidental spills and keeps counters clean.
  • The Expresso Oil Dispenser is made from stain-resistant, shatter-free material for safety and longevity of use.

The Expresso Oil Dispenser is perfect for adding finishing touches to any meal. Its Anti-Drip design allows oil dispenser to go easily from the kitchen to the dining room without concerns for spills and stains. The threaded cap opens easily for refills and fastens tightly when locked and also keeps spout free from contamination.

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