Premier Hot & Cold Food Server

  • The Premier Hot & Cold Food Server is perfect for family nights and entertaining friends around the dinner table. Its specific shape and light weight make it easy to serve food.
  • Fully insulated base and lid are specifically designed to keep foods warm or cold for up to 8 hours.
  • Attractive and elegant all stainless steel design with easy-grip handles, this server does not stain or react with food, even with spices.
  • Easy to wash and fully dishwasher safe. Will not easily dent or scratch.
  • Saves clean-up time as food can be stored directly in the server.

Fully stainless steel construction (both inside and outside) maximizes the server’s thermal features. A Twist-Lock system allows server to be easily and conveniently transported with no risk of spills. Ideal for active families offering greater flexibility at meal times.

Sizes available: 1.5L/2.5L/3.5L/5.0/10.0L


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