Premier Non-Stick Chinese Wok



Premier Chinese wok is crafted from high quality aluminium for durability, comfortable weight, and quick conduction with Durable and attractive handles. It is compatible with gas and electric stoves and Promotes proper stir-frying, while it’s wide top and narrow bottom allow for frying with less oil than with a straight-sided pan. Simply heat the oil add any favorite combination of fresh vegetables or meat then keep things moving with a spatula.

  • Steel dome lid with knob helps keep in heat, moisture, and nutrients
  • Made of high quality Aluminum for excellent performance
  • The sturdy handles are bake lite and have been tweaked slightly for more comfort with soft grip
  • Easy to clean and maintain and It is dishwasher safe.
  • They Take Up Little Space And Help Keep Your Kitchen Super Neat.
  • It is Suitable For Cooking On Most Types Of Hobs
  • Safe for use on either gas or oven

Sizes available: 30cm, 36cm

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